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for 2010 to 2015

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Department of the
Geographer to the Army
will be putting on the
7th Annual Surveying,

Cartography & Engineering
School of Instruction

March 6-8, 2015
Cacapon Resort State Park
West Virginia

Bent's Old Fort NHS
will be putting on the

Topographical Engineer School
June 3-7, 2015
Bents Old Fort NHS
La Junta, Colorado







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Twentieth Anniversary 1995 - 2015

This is the website of the U. S. Corps of Topographical Engineers, a
living history group portraying the history and techniques of the Corps
from its inception through the Civil War

The U.S. Corps of Topographical Engineers is affiliated with the
Army of the West and with the First Federal Division

of the Blue - Gray Alliance


updated 19 January, 2015


2015 Topographical Engineer School
June 3-7, Bent's Old Fort NHS
La Junta, Colorado


"After breakfast the topographical engineers, Lieuts. Abert, Emory, and Peck, started for the prairies. They had some eight or ten voyageurs as servants, several pack mules, a baggage wagon, and a handsome spring car, with four mules harnessed to it, to 'tote' their instruments."

  Lt. Richard Smith Elliott, Laclede Rangers,
 Fort Leavenworth, 27 June 1846

"If I could step back into the 19th century, I would like to have been part of the dragoon escort for the topogs. They traveled in style." 

Arnold Scofield, Historian (ret), Fort Scott NHS, 1997



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Image of Topographical Engineer adapted from Fine Art Lithographs of U S Army Uniforms by Barbosa




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